Marketing Strategy

Steve Robinson is the Founder and CEO of Brilliant Metrics, and just an all-around nice guy. His encouragement and business advice have been priceless to the CWC in every sense of the word. He is also a speaker and instructor with UW-Milwaukee School of Continuing Education, as well as a dedicated father of three young children and an active member of his community. Thanks for decades of help & encouragement, Steve! 

Website Content Overhaul

Kitty Foth-Regner is a former feminist atheist that was a talented writer even before she became a Christian. This makes her testimony powerful and extraordinarily well written. She professionally and dramatically revised the very first version of our website content in 2018. It’s been necessary to revise & update our website many times, but we strive to maintain the tradition of excellent writing and the clear messaging that Miss Kitty started .   She’s also one of the CWC’s first offical members/writers. Thanks for everything, Miss Kitty!

CLICK HERE to learn more about the books Kitty has authored independently.

-MVR – Most Valuable Recruiter

Pastor Robert Thibodeau is a Christian online media expert!  He’s been  sharing the Word online since 2009; founded “Evangelism Radio” (an  online Christian radio station that has been ranked #1 in the world  several times in the Christian/Talk genre); and is the founder and host of the “Kingdom Cross Roads Podcast (KCRP)”. With over 800  interviews and 1000 episodes, KCRP has been rated in the Top 0.5% of ALL  podcasts in the world. He interviewed Stephanie Reynolds on his podcast  just as the CWC was getting started. Many of the 30 writers in the 1st Jesus Can book are 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, generation referrals of Pastor Bob. Thanks for being a blessing to me and the CWC in so many ways, Pastor Bob!

CLICK HERE to learn more about the exciting things happening thanks to  “Evangelism Radio.” 

Cooperative Expert and Voice Artist

Joel Kopischke made lemonade out the sour experience of having the state government tell us we had to change the name of this business before it could be registered as an LLC. Joel was quickly able to explain why we had to change the name and he suggested a new name that didn’t alter our mission, nor our initials. Joel was a true sanity-saver! We’re working on plans to use his voice artist skills, too, by reading our Jesus Can… books online! Thanks for all of your help, Joel!

Business Coach and Encourager

 Brent is an entrepreneur coach and certified mindset facilitator  focusing on entrepreneurs who are serious about establishing deep roots  in their community through launching their ideas to get into business  quickly. He focuses on removing obstacles and making connections so you can launch right now and become the  entrepreneur you are meant to be.  He has coached hundreds of  entrepreneurs from dream to reality. 
Halfwassen & Associates, LLC
(414) 520-7365 

Referrals and Proofreading

Liz Kohli loves the Lord and all the people in His world. She also thinks every believer should take the “Perspectives on the World Christian Movement” course. Since I met Liz at this extraordinary discipleship course, I’d wholehearted agree with that belief! Thanks for your tireless work, Liz, as a Perspectives Course Leader and for helping the CWC by making referrals and proofreading!