Read The 2021 Book Rooted In Hope, Forgiveness, And Redemption

Dear Reader,

How are you feeling?


How are you feeling?

Chances are you landed on this page because you’re searching for something or someone that can take away the pain. There must be some type of permanent release somewhere, right?

Recent events such as the global pandemic and civil unrest are enough to make anyone cry out for an escape. Perhaps you’ve lost a loved-one. Maybe the world being turned upside down is just too much to bear.

I’m Sure You Have Personal Struggles

The thing is you are still a human with your own personal cross to carry.

Perhaps you’re combating:

•Health crisis
•Broken relationships
•Shame and guilt
•Unemployment or financial distress

In a world of isolation, it’s easy to wonder…

Does Anyone Care!

Take a deep breath. For the next few minutes, I’m going to tell you about someone that cares more than you can ever imagine. And I have 30 witnesses that will share how this comforter dug them out of some of the darkest places.


Seek Comfort In A Loving Savior

Imagine being befriended by the coolest guy around.

This friend offers the best advice, never judges, gives freely of himself, carries your burdens, and asks for nothing in return.

Pretty amazing guy, right?

Well, what’s even more amazing is this unwavering friend truly exists. Thirty of my friends had the honor of meeting him. And we’ve been dwelling in his company ever since.

Now I invite you to meet the one responsible for transforming doubters into believers, victims of molestation into survivors, targets of gas lighting into overcomers, and victims of adversities into champions.


Christian Writers Collective LLC Presents:

Jesus Can… Give You A New Life

Unwrap this powerful book of testimonies rooted in hope, redemption, and salvation.

It’s an outstanding source of hope during these uncertain times.

30 authors share their personal journey to Christianity.

From atheism and arrogance to sexual abuse and suicidal thoughts, see how Jesus can mend our broken pieces.

He said, "Now you have the choice to either walk with Me or with the Church.” Because I was very young in my faith, I asked Him what that meant for me. He said, "If you walk with the Church, you will have trouble with Me, and if you walk with Me, you will have trouble with the Church!"
Lloyd Portman
As someone who has coasted through the various stages of wonder and doubt as an agnostic, atheist, secular humanist and follower of the Just-in-Case denomination, I'm now thinking it's time to re-examine what I believe.
V. Powell

Who Should Read This Book?

This book is for Christians, pastors, the broken-hearted, and anyone that’s seeking comfort.

By The Time You Finish This Book You Will

•Realize you are not alone in your pain or doubts

•See that there is a healthy way out of your circumstance

•Be encouraged and inspired to reclaim your future

•Discover a savior that will never shame or forsake you

I was married to a man that was an alcoholic, never spent time at home with his family, and was mentally abusive.
Shonda Fischer

Discover Hope And Restoration

Each testimony chronicles life before Christ, the call to salvation, and life’s experience while walking with Jesus.

There is no shame in our brokenness. The CWC writers cover:

•Battling addiction
•Overcoming sexual abuse
•Contemplating thoughts of suicide
•Grappling with disbelief
•Combating depression
•Overcoming financial distress

Meet The Founder

Hello! I’m Stephanie Reynolds, founder of the Christian Writers Collective, LLC. This book of testimonies has been in my spirit for over five years.

My personal journey to Christ is colored with pride, a failed marriage, shame, and suicidal thoughts.

Yet, God saw fit to deliver me from a life of despair. And I know he can do it for you, too.


30 Fascinating Writers From Diverse Backgrounds

Read compelling testimonies from 30 Christian writers across the globe. The CWC writers come from all walks of life. Our ministry transcends race, gender, age, geographical location, and social divides. Simply being a part of this community is a blessing. Come see for yourself.

Renew Your Faith

Some have gotten acquainted with Christ in the past only to be lured away by life’s circumstances. I invite you to experience him through a different lens.

Witnessing Resource For Church Leaders

Share these testimonies in small groups, virtual service, and conferences. There is no better time than now to share this word with your flock.

Find Hope And Encouragement During Trying Times

These days the hurt seems endless. Seek comfort in the Word of the Lord.

You’re Invited To The House Of Peace

All are welcomed here. No sin is too great. No stain is too big. Jesus longs to calm your spirit. Cast your shame, guilt, and worries on him.

Life can get overwhelming at times. But there is hope. I can boldly say Jesus is the best friend anyone can ask for. He’s delivered me and many others from some of the darkest places.

I encourage you to pick up a copy of the book and see how he can transform your life too. I pray God blesses you in every step you take. Amen.

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